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SAFETY WARNING NOTICE Department: Date: Employee Name: Position/Title: Description of Unsafe Act: You were observed engaging in the following activity that violates safety policy contained in the
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hey everybody Charles Clark here I want to tell you I am NOT the bastion of safety as you can see my left eye is really messed up two days ago while burning building the burner I decided it was brilliant to forego safety goggles I have them got multiple pairs of them 99 cent safety goggles and I was too lazy too excited to just walk over to the shed and grab a pair walk over the truck and grab a pair off the dash so instead my eye has been killing me for two days this is not a how-to channel this is not a here's a smart practice channel this is me throwing stuff together channel there will be issues like this one where I do stupid stuff it's not the first time I've used a die grinder or a grinder without safety glasses done a hundred times in my life this is the time where it got my eye so far it seems to be getting better but I may have to go to a hospital and get that looked at that's scary just remember this isn't a how-to channel this isn't practice safety anything you do you do it your own risk your own stupidity as I do it with my own stupidity as well be safe people don't lose your eyes
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